Hello everyone, I’m learning blender by reading “Introducing character animation with blender” by Tony Mullen

Near the end of chapter 2 it says you can mimic a mirror modifier on a symmetrical model by selecting the X-axis mirror edit option in the Mesh tools 1 tab.

I’ve selected the X-axis mirror button, but I don’t see effect anything. Is there something I’m missing to make X-mirror work?


X-axis mirror won’t reflect what you already have, it will reflect what you do from that point on. In a new blend file, tab into edit mode on the default cube. Click on x-axis mirror, then grab a vert in positive x side and move it around. You should see the corresponding verts on the other side move also.

Best of Luck!

If your model is already symmetrical, then using the X axis edit will ensure that vertex movement will be mirrored on both sides. Only verts which are already symmetrical will be edited in a mirrored way. If some of your verts don’t match, on the other side, then edits to those verts won’t be mirrored. If you try what OBI_Ron suggested, but move one vert before you enter X-axis mirroring, you’ll find that that vert, since it’s not symmetrical, won’t be mirrored when you edit it, but that all the other verts (which are still symmetrical) will.

Sooo…basically the X-mirror is almost useless…check

I think if bugman_2000 had thought X-mirror was useless he would not have told you to use it in the book you are reading.LOL

If what you want is to make mirrored edits on a symmetrical mesh, or to make mirrored edits on the symmetrical part of a partially symmetrical mesh, then it’s pretty useful, because that’s what it’s for.

If you have a non-symmetrical mesh and you want to mirror half of it, then delete half and add a mirror modifier. The X-axis edit is useful on a mesh after you’ve applied the modifier, for example.

Well I had just applied the mirror modifier, so I would think it would be symmetrical but it didn’t work. I have since messed with the model allot, with scaling along the X axis, and carefully remembering the numbers. (Because I keep noticing things during the detailing presses) And I guess I would like to know why it didn’t work, when it was a mirrored model just a second ago

If it’s as you say, it sounds like it should work. If you upload a .blend file I’ll take a look at it. You can do that at http://uploader.polorix.net

Sorry, it’s been a while I just started doing my editing carefully, 2 vertexes at a time and using X scaling, and got what I needed.

Anyway the model is definitely no longer symmetrical But |I like how it looks.

Thank you for your advice. At least I know the X-mirror works now.