*.x models with mutliple texture files, beginners question

Good evening
I am a very beginner of Blender and after having spent the week-end to get the start with Blender I have the following question.

I would like to model gliders for a commercial flight analysis program which allows to analyse the flights in 3D space using the position and altitude data from a GPS logger.

All glider models provided with the program are *.x files with two uv-mapped texture files *.bmp (256x256).

I tried with Blender with a very simple model and everything goes fine but I can only get one uv-mapped texture working and I can not find the way of getting a second uv-map defined for the same body.

I looked on the forum but I am not sure if I understand it right.

Is it not possible in Blender to have multiple uv-mapped texture files?
If not has somebody a turnaround to this limitation in Blender?
Or any other hint?
One uv-texture map (256x256) for a whole aircraft is a little small…

Thanks a lot for your answers