X-Muscle System for Blender

Blender Market Spring Sale is getting slowly to an end. The last chance to grab hundreds of addons and assets 25% ends with the end of this Weekend! And that includes X-Muscle System and all of its assets

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So those who brought the XL version we will get a notification for the beta 2.8 version ;
iam eagerly awaiting ,iam rigging a lion and the xmuscle system it’s must for this type of rigs

Porting the add-on comes in two stages. First is pretty straight forward port with preserved as many features as possible. From user’s point of view this version (2.0.0) will work as close as the current version (1.9.7) but for Blender 2.8x. After 2.0.0 will be some stable releases 2.0.x.
Stage two is where new features comes in. This will come with X-Muscle System 2.8.0. Starting from the 2.8.0 version of the add-on XMS will use full advantage of Blender 2.8x and later. This is long term development and maintenance and all current and future users will get free updates for the product lifetime. There is no chance anyone will miss the update. All users will be notified via BlenderMarket notification system, as well as facebook page and twitter. There are new video tutorials in plan, (so please subscribe to the channel), more skeletal models but this will come after the add-on’s updates which has the biggest priority.

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Small question: Is it possible to attach muscles to already-finalized ManuelBastiony character? Is it possible to “musclify” MBLabs armature just to get physically realistic deformations without too much manual fitting? or completely without manual fitting, if possible :slight_smile: (just dreaming)

If some fitting is required - what exactly needed to attach ready-to-use muscles to mblabs armature?