X-Pose Picker Animation tool for Blender

Hello everyone!
I am proud to introduce standalone picker application for but not only Blender 2.79 and 2.8. After a long and bumpy way of development it’s finally here and I hope you’ll like it!

X-Pose Picker is designed as a universal, multi-platform tool for riggers and animators. It is a way to select things and control things inside of Blender and other supported software. just like it’s used in professional studios.

With X-Pose Picker you’re able to create layouts and control your character easier and faster that ever before. Add-on lets you focus on the design, creativity and to significantly speed up the workflow with extremal learning curve.

Main X-Pose Picker features:

  • simple but flexible *.xpix file format based on open source software solutions
  • powerful, single click x-mirror feature
  • works with any rig
  • copy, paste buttons also between tabs
  • undo, redo to make errors more forgivable
  • tabs duplication
  • custom keymap
  • three button types and update function
  • namespace logic for better selection control and work on multiple characters and complex scenes
  • script host execution and embed simple python script editor
  • multiple tab projects
  • append tab feature allows composition of layouts from different projects
  • highly customizable window layout
  • powerful viewport navigation tools
  • z-order option for advanced layout creation
  • buttons alignment and distribution tools
  • cross-platform
  • easily reusable pickers for other characters
  • easy to integrate with existing 3d software
  • left or right mouse button selection
  • auto-focus on host application and auto-move mouse cursor allowing to work on multi-screen configuration with ease
  • generic rig layout templates
  • at last but not least, can be used as an extra tool for custom UI getting all useful options organized in one place



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Hi guys, how’s goin?

Updating thread with a promo video update.

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  • Unreal Engine 4 host support
  • Custom shapes for buttons, sliders
  • facial expressions library
  • hand gestures/ poses library
  • fast search outliner
  • universal rig templates (rigify, AutoRig Pro, Allright Rig, etc.)
  • toggle display assigned objects per button
  • universal script snippets
  • approximate selection

Is this pretty much the same as the Autorig Pro picker tool? It looks almost identical.

Probably not coincidence. Artell (Author of ARP) said this with the latest update:

Although it can serve many purposes, the picker packed with Auto-Rig Pro has limitations and bottlenecks. It’s based on a rather “hacky” approach: buttons are bones, part of the rig, located below it. Maintaining it is tricky, updating it to Blender 2.8 was something! I’ll do my best to keep it working as it should in future versions.

However, I’d strongly like to encourage anyone who likes to work with a picker to make the switch to X-Pose Picker. It’s brand new, it’s shiny, it’s working and I’ve been collaborating with its developer to ensure that it works flawlessly with Auto-Rig Pro.
I believe this is the only real, hard-coded, reliable bone picker solution for Blender, as of now!

The UE4 host support would be awesome !

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Thanks mate, good to know.

With X-Pose Picker you will create any picker for any rig. No matter is it blenrig5, Manuel Bastioni, rigify, or your custom rig. X-Pose Picker includes two autorig pro templates which are reusable and are great base for advanced pickers. Picker will be updated with rigify templates in latest update. However this doesn’t stop from making own pickers for rigify or any rig right now. It’s just a template, an example which shows how the picker works. I hope this helps with understanding what the add-on is.

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I love this tool. Be nice if it were borken down into different tiers pricing wise, understanding a lot went into developement, but a lite version at a lower price point. Maybe for those who just need a simple picker and one at higher price point for extended features.

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Learn how to produce X-Pose Picker background with Eevee

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Wish it was a little longer.

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X-Pose Picker 1.6.8 is out!
including new features and minor bugfixes

Will this add-on allowed me to create custom shortcuts buttons on my custom rig? Like the rigify?
Overall it’s look great and IAM planning to purchase
, Man you are the best addon developer for riggers/animators!! Keep the great work😉

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Is this add-on for Windows only, not for Mac?

Hello and thank you for your question
The add-on comes in a form of standalone app, however windows, linux and mac binaries are available.

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Thank you kindly! :grin:

If I understand correctly then I believe it will. You can create command button and paste the python snippet into it. Presets contain some basic examples of its usage but data base of snippets will grow in time

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Please download the stable X-Pose Picker add-on update for stability improvement, new features and bugfixes.

version 1.6.9 includes:

  • added auto-cursor return feature
  • improved stability
  • proxy armature support added
  • selection changes active bone

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Advanced animating multiple characters tutorial and some cool and features come to newest X-Pose Picker update which will be released soon but meanwhile there’s a sale going on on BlenderMarket so you can grab it and save some cash. Don’t lose the occasion! :wink:


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I don’t personally have a use for Pose Picker right now but can you drop us some hints about XFEM?!