X-Pose Picker Animation tool for Blender

Thanks for the reply, I had to set it manually then now it works with any character, not sure what went wrong. All clear! :+1:

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New Picker Panel is coming with new update!

itโ€™s redesigned to be clear, nicer and more useful


get ready for crazy BlenderMarket Spring Sales!

get your picker at attractive price

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X-Pose Picker 2.0.2 has been released!

version 2.0.2

  • added debug prints
  • changed logging directory to main dir
  • replaced registry settings storage to ini file
  • shortened label name to button label
  • removed tcp port setting from picker preferences
  • removed quit signaling/messaging
  • added automatic tcp port selection
  • added action debug message
  • redesigned picker panel
  • new icons, ranamed buttons
  • added debug mode
  • changed windows exe path
  • fixed connection establishment issue

Available on Sale for WIndows, Linux and MacOS

Best Regards!

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