X-Racer 2 post process + .blend :D + dittohead's render



-Material setting (even if the texture are not include)
-Lighting Setup

If anyone is up to retexturing it and have a few hours on your hand got for it! I want to see the result! :slight_smile:

But please, if you want to use the model in any other project of yours, please ask me before.

Hope it will help a few people!

PS: Tx alot to MadCow for hosting the file! :smiley:

That’s awesome! Great job! Congratulation on winning the first place!

Wow, the blend looks complicated to me. Thanks for posting it! :smiley:


hmm I just saw something in the .blend

The render size is set up for the poster size render!!

Change it to

64 X parts and 16pixels wide for the “SizeX” value.

If you don’t change this and try rendering…your blender might crash or take ages to render lol.

awesome work dewd :smiley:


thx for the blend file, i will study it most carefully.
to the pic: You’re an artist, dude!!


AOed the scene:


Thanks. Nice work.


Jesus Christ… I’m… speechless…

me 2, thats incredible. one day ill be half that good.