X-Racer 4: Ecks/Mr_bomb

Hey guys,

Over the last week Ecks and my’s combined efforts on an F1 entry has finally come to an end. We went through probably five different scene ideas, the final one being chosen and modeled about six hours before the deadlne. Many, many hours of work, and just as many if not more rendering time went into this piece, much of which never made it to the final render, but that’s okay that’s just the way things work. Ecks gets full credit for modeling the scene and the X-Racer its self, my part (the pilot) was misicule compared to the work he put in so give him a hand!

So after many stressful hours of crunch-time rendering here’s the result of our combined efforts for this years F1.

-X-Racer 4-

We hope you like it and good luck to all that participated!

Whoa! That’s one sweet F1 guys. Looks like a scary ramp to go down (OR up)!

Nice work, guys :slight_smile:

Best of luck in the challenge!


tx for the comments guys,

here are 2 shot of the car alone:[INDENT][INDENT][INDENT][INDENT][INDENT][INDENT]http://gallery.mudpuddle.co.nz/albums/album35/xracer4_beautyshot_1.jpg

sorry for the big renders :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, first things first. Love the modeling(both mr_bomb and ecks) the scene looks very neat/interesting. A few crits however(if i dare :P).
First, I dislike how the f1 is posed; it looks just like that, a pose. Second, I don’t understand the riders pose. It appears that she’s just holding onto the sides rather then griping something such as handlebars. In her current state, how does she manage to stay on the f1 without falling off? And how does she steer the thing?

Awesome work once again guys, and best of luck.

I have to agree with above here. She doesn’t look like she is actually holding/sitting on the car properly. The pose just doesn’t do either model justice.

With that being said, super render and I love the scene details.

Good luck guys.


I think the car is stopped and the rider is posing for the cameras. If it was a snapshot of the race, it would be blurred, and she would be doing more than just looking cute.


Exactly- I don’t think it’s meant to be in motion ;).

No it’s not.

awesome modelling !, the lighting in the scene is good as well, but there is something about the vehicle, its not fitting in the scene quite seamlessly, maybe the lighting/materials (maybe its just me)

great work


Very nice work. It could be a little bit sharper, but it’s a really fine piece of work.

Are the textures high enough resolution to be rendered at poster size? You’ll need it when you win. (rather presumptuous, I know…having not seen any other entries :stuck_out_tongue: )

I love it. Awsume, just awsume. My only crits I have are: the riders clothing looks almost toonshaded towards the legs, and the bike/car thing seems to be on way too steep of a slope to be just sitting their. Off topic: Love your sig Dittohead


just some comments on the scene:

where the car is the road is completly flat, but I guess the camera perspective says otherwise to the viewer…and as mr_bomb confirmed the car is not in motion…it was suppose to be a pose…like the pilot stopping there looking at the track in front of her before the race start.

the texture on the car are hi-res enough for poster…but not quite the rest of the scene…:stuck_out_tongue:

the car is indeed not perfectly blend with the scene because after the render we found out it was too dark (the car) and we had to play around to fix the contrast/lighting a little bit

the whole scene (excluding the car and pilot) took 3h to do…then we had to render immediatly because we wouldn’t have finish on time…so yeah, modelling, texturing and lighting took about 3h…so no time to really check on the lighting before rendering!!

Thanks for the comments everyone! very appreciated!

Good work. Good work indeed.


How the … u … do that man…
Thats is a bit too advance u know for me im saying.
nice graphics and good high quality

That is incredible. Nice modeling, but nice design too. It gets tiresome when all you ever see are people sitting in their vehicle. Very inspiring.

this is just perfect

Very sweet! He reminds me of Cloud on his little motorcycle thing. Nicely done!

Sweet ride :]