Here’s a fun little project I did.
Based off from this

Rendered in Indigo for 62 hours at 3800 spp.
Textures in Gimp.


Thanks for looking anyway…

That looks pretty cool. Did you render it from any angles in addition to the one shown?

Good work, Photoguy.

You could have worked on details for 62 hours instead for rendering.

It’s not that I disagree but I have to ask why?

Maybe it would’ve looked negligably worse with a shorter render time yeah. But if he was happy with the model and sent it to render he may aswell use all the time he has available.

I myself find it hard to leave it to render for so long without deciding I hate it and remodelling from scratch so he has my respect in that regard.

Nice model in any case. Would like to see it from some different angles :>

…Wait a few years…

Was thinking more about a environment to fit the scene. Like houses and clouds or anything like that.

Yeah, It was mostly a modeling test/practice thing, I’ll see, I might do something else.

Well first, I have a copyright on such a vehicle name ! :rolleyes: haha

I’d tend to agree that 62hours for that render is overkill. It could be rendered with the same quality with a much shorter time. (even with a crappy comp),

but, that ain’t to say the render is bad. It looks really good! Very clean! The shader and lighting are good, the only thing I really notice is the edges of the canopy/window. It seems like we can see the ‘steps’ of the subdivision.

Anyway, good work, but you should chek your rendering settings…pretty sure you can optimize it.

One word: Indigo.

that looks superb. shame indigo takes so long to render isnt it? but ah well. hve you tried using Lux or BI to get similar results? might speed up your render times a bit…