X-ray effect in eevee?

Is it possible to have “x-ray” effect when certain object which is behind (or inside) other object to be visible? In old blender there was X-ray check box in object properties which did exactly what i want during preview and BI render.

If you are interested in the Viewport display, you can change the settings to “Object” and adjust the individual objects’ alpha value in the color under the “Viewport Display” settings:

And if you want to use “Workbench” for rendering, you also have to set this option:

Thank you for answer. But I would like such effect in Eevee.

Ah, I thought you meant Workbench when you mentioned the Blender-Internal renderer.

In Eevee you have to set an alpha-option, and then reduce the alpha-value in the material:

I think he meant “on top” draworder option