X-ray materials, scenes, objects, and makeHuman models


We are looking for a talented and experienced veteran designer to help us develop some realistic materials, objects, and scenes that can replicate the outputs from baggage x-ray scanners and human mmW scanners.

We plan to use readily available 3D models (some mesh repair may be required), and the majority of the work will be related to material and scene development in order to develop a series of template examples that can be re-used.

This is a PAID opportunity and we are a company looking for a very experienced designer/artist preferably with a portfolio/examples of similar modeling/rendering tasks.

The duration of the project will be 3-6 months, perhaps with follow-on consultancy work, as required.

The outputs from the work will be a collection of template materials, objects, scenes, makeHuman models, and blend files that can be edited and updated whilst maintaining a realistic render that is representative of a baggage x-ray scanner and human mmW scanner.

More information available upon request.


Hi @trbrewer

I can help

please reach me out through skype : live:noah_3861 or email me at [[email protected]]

Best regards
Noah J

I would love to work with you.
This is my
This are examples of my work.

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