X-Ray Mode seems to be missing...?

I was hoping to make this plane with the reference image texture 50% opaque, so that I can see the grid through it. It’s frustrating because I was just working through a tutorial and I swear there was an X-Ray mode somewhere in the Viewport Overlays section and that doesn’t seem to be there now.

I could just lay down a straight line where the Z axis is and move it slightly in front of the plane, but then I wouldn’t learn when I can use X Ray and when I can’t.

Any help appreciated. :slight_smile:

Does this option not do what you wish? Otherwise - there is X-Ray mode for objects which is under the Viewport Shading drop down top right of the 3D view.

The Xray shading mode seems to be hidden as an extra option now for some reason. Go to preferences/keymap, and under the preferences box, check Extra Shading Pie Menu Items. It’ll show up when you hit Z now.


I’m not sure if I understand what you want to do. X-Ray is still in Viewport Shading options, but it has always worked in Solid mode and you are in LookDev.
To be able to work with images as a reference in LookDev/Eevee you probably want to add the image from Add Image > Reference (or Add Empty > Image). Then look for the options in Properties Editor, Data tab.

If you had moved to LookDev because you could not see the image in Solid mode, I can tell you that in “Solid” mode you can see the image if you configure from Viewport Shading options > Color = Texture. So now you can use X-Ray in Solid mode. Anyway, the optimal thing to work with images as reference in 2.8 is what has been mentioned above

Got it - LookDev mode has different Viewport Shading Options than Solid mode, and to view a plane with an image texture in Solid mode I need to hit the button for Texture. The X Ray option is only available in Solid Mode. I guess that makes sense.

If I don’t want to do this, I’d use an Empty.