X-Ray Selection Tools

You can find it here

Should work now.

Like this?

Change circle selection to overlap

Okay, in the next updates


Thank you! Works like a charm

Lattice behaviour - yeah, nice!
Putting it temporarily in front is a solution indeed and will work with one or more objects, being deformed by it or not.

would it be possible to get this for face/edge selection as well?

v 4.1.0

  • Edit mode box and lasso tool settings can be configured separately for left-to-right and right-to-left drag directions.
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I added changing settings by draw direction for edit mode, can you give an example how should it work?

I think it would be better if I make a separate addon for lattice overlay, as this one only for modifying selection. What do you think?

Oh i was specifically talking about the overlap/contain behavior- but having it work in edit mode. If that’s possible I didn’t see an option for it.

There is no such option now and I’m just asking how do you want it to work?
Since I can add overlap/contain behavior for selecting through, but adding it for selecting visible non occluded edges and faces (that default tools select with disabled xray) with an addon is not possible

Hm, maybe don’t bother doing a separate add-on, if it is just about the Lattice. I can use a shortcut to toggle displaying objects “in front”, so this is a easy solution in my case and in general.
If you have some other ideas you were thinking to bring to a separate add-on, plus there is demand from other users, please go ahead of course. :wink: Thanks

is it possible to Circle selection tool behave with Overlap but without x-ray?
I like this new Overlap feature, but I need in some cases Circle selection without x-ray mode, select only visible front-faced objects.
And if this Overlap feature use raycasting is it possible to make last selected object as active?

I don’t think it is possible. There is no way for an addon to find which objects or faces are drawn in front, and which occluded. It can only be done internally in blender code.

It doesn’t use raycasting.

It is possible to change active object, but which one will be the last, if you select several objects at once?


Oh, ok, never mind then.
I can live with pressing again to make active.

I found some strange visual bug with Lasso selection in Rendered Viewport Shading, fills outside box

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I think there is a bug with the latest 3.0 builds: when using the Move tool and having “Select Box Xray” (or any other Xray tool) selected as the “drag” behavior, it ignores that setting and uses the tweak Tool instead.

good job man!this addon is very useful!