My brother severely broke his leg snowboarding before Christmas, and had to get pins and screws implanted into his bone, plus some bone grafted from his hip to his knee. My parents got a picture of his x-ray, and I must say it looks kinda cool; almost like something sci-fi.

http://members.shaw.ca/sj.storage/legpins.jpg (1536 x 1152, 256 KB)


just looking at that… is painful-

A couple of years back I had to get the complete lower half of my face reconfigured to cure my sleep apnea. Check this out:


6 plates, 24 screws, chin, upper and lower jaw separated and reattached.


Wow, nice pictures.

I’ve heard something about a guy who shoot a nail in his head at work (by accidant), with a nail-pistol, but he felt nothing. After zeven years he get some heavy head-ages. He went to the doctor -> X-ray -> nail in head. Strange isnt it.


This might be a bit off topic but it has to do with x-rays. The following is a picture of the “Z Machine” in action, a device that’s goal is to achieve nuclear fusion. They accomplished this by shooting 20 million amperes into a very tiny space, causing it to heat up to 1.8 million degrees Celsius, and to produce 290 trillion watts and a x-ray energy of 1.9 million joules. I dont completely understand all of it, but it sounds powerfull.

Well here it is!

It’s a bit big so here’s a smaller one:

I just think that that is absolutely amazing and very cool looking too! :o


so wait… that’s all electricity webbing out?

Electrical arks, yeah. I think one of the websites i looked at (i looked at many because i was looking for the huge one) said it was a time lapse photograph, but that was one of about 15-20 so i dont think it is.

Sandia National Laboratories ROCKS! (Of course I just say that becasue I’m from New Mexico, but that’s beside the point…) Did you know Sandia invented the X-ray? :smiley:

Röntgen invented the x-ray!(that’s why it’s called Röntgen in some languages)
Do you mean that he worked for them?

Hey lemmy, you’re my neighbor. I’m in Oklahoma.

There is also a fusion laboratory in England trying to do the same thing. At the most efficient moment, they output ~13% of the electricity that was used, for less than 10 seconds.

Where do they get all that power?! That’s my biggest question. Have any of you seen the pictures of the inside of that room when the machine is not on? It looks like it’s straight out of a sci-fi movie.


I think the answer is simple, so I’ll save the sarcasm.

You probably don’t realize exactly how much voltage/amperage is generated by a single power plant or consumed by a town.

bmd: you didn’t say how much energy they did put into it. How much was it?

Cool pic, new desktop. Thanks


I think the answer isnt so simple as you think shbaz, a power plant produce much energy, but thats during a whole year. I think in this reactor we are talking about seconds, or parts of seconds. I think they have use very, very huge condensators(dont know the english word for that), the charged them up and give a very, big powerboost in a short time. But I’vent read about this fusion plant. so I dont know if iam right.


they could use a bunch of capacitors… y’know, like they do with the two big metal ball things, to make an electric ark

They most likely used some big ass capacitoes like DMBadcat suggested.


All I got is that they put 20 million amps into it if that helps and yes i believe they are just huge capacitors.