X Wing Artwork

Hey guys! So I made (parts of) this X Wing here. I had a lot of fun and kinda fell in love with it. I wanted it to be part of a small cool scene that gives a kinda space /star wars feel rather then just a few plain renders. I startet a composition that had a mars-like planet in it. But then i stumbled across adrew prices new earth tutorial, now im kinda stuck with two versions and I cant decide wich I like better. I would be so glad for your opion :slight_smile:


Booth are beautiful, but the blue one is much more appealing to me.

How did you get the scene to have that “painting” look to it?

sorry to say it, but fans (and i am one of them) are picky. the end of the main body is too wide and the engines ends are not central mounted. better use your own design or make it accurate.

I made this other version, I think the colors work better on this one, but the orange doesnt fit the X Wing

Thanks for your replies guys!

Thank you! I think the blue one has a more relaxed “deep space feel” :slight_smile:

Honestly… I dont know xD - It kinda came along. I guess its because of the roughnes values and the extreme lighning. (plus the whole sun thing is post process wich might add to that)

Thanks for pointing that out!! I really like star wars but im not into the fandom. I actually never really thought about that. I mean, sure i collected reference images, but a lot of them where different so I “freestyled” a lot as i was going. What do you mean with “use your own design”?

create your own ship. the pictures prove that you have the talent to do it.

As a Star wars setting the mars like planet fits the universe.
However from a visual perspective the blue is more appealing
Plus what do you mean by “parts of”

Thanks for your answers again guys :smiley: (sorry for super late reply I started my master thesis - so I kinda vanished)

“Parts of” means that i grabbed a model from blendswap (see chongololo’s original version http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/78390). Originaly I only wanted to do some texturing since I dont do that very often and wanted to get better at it - so I searched untextured models on blendswap so that I could start right up. I fixed and changend a few things that I didnt like and then I had to much fun and started to build a high poly version of it. (see some steps in the attachments) At the end of the day it felt like mine, but I only added in detail that I baked normals from. (I did not want to pretend it was mine but I thought the story was to long and irrelevant for this post since I was asking about the light)

Thanks again guys, I’m thinking about building a ship from scratch :slight_smile: Definitely will share with you then