X-Wing Fighter Low Poly 3D Model By PixelOz

Star Wars Incom X-Wing Fighter Low-Medium Poly 3D Model - Created in Blender 2.63a By PixelOz

I made this low-medium poly 3D model recently entirely in Blender  and it is not textured. As you can see it is only colored somewhat with  different materials. There are two versions of it in the zip file that  you can download at Deviantart, one is like this cause the mesh has been  more divided for the coloring and markings (done directly in the mesh)  and there is a complete white version with the mesh more clean for  texture mapping.

I always wanted to model an X-Wing and I think that I got the  overall shape of the craft well. I really tried a bit hard to get the  proportions of the ship and the basic shape right and that is not easy  for one particular reason, it is not easy to find good quality  blueprints of the ship specially for free.

There are lots of photos of the original ship models on the web but  most of those are pretty bad and there are some pretty good photos of  very high quality prop replica models out there but which one do you  trust? Which one is really close to the original models and how much?  Many of these photos and the relatively low quality blueprints available  out there have a lot of discrepancies in many things. And most photos  are at an angle and even those that are taken directly from the models  sides, top front or any other perpendicular angle to the ship are  affected by perspective and lens distortion and believe me even with the  best ones of these there are a lot of things that get out of place. And  there are ways to compensate for some of these problems but it is still  somewhat limited in scope. Official good quality blueprints are kinda  difficult to find and anyway they are expensive so not everybody can  afford them.

So what do you do to make an accurate 3D model? What I did was to  make a sort of consensus from the best reference material I could find  on the web for free. The best material I could find for free on the web  came mostly from the RPF (The Replica Prop Forum - http://www.therpf.com/)  which is a forum where people gather to share information and reference  material and experience in order to build replicas of the props used in  movies as close as possible to them (as many of you know). I thank the  people there for all their hard work cause it helps for these things a  lot. And I also found some in other places.

Remember that it is low poly and many compromises have to be made  for such 3D models. With textures I know that it would look much, much  better. I originally designed it for the AC3D screensaver. There is  another submission right there in Deviantart where you can download my  mods package for the AC3D 3D screensaver with many models that you can  use with it.

Many more details about the model are specified in the PDFs included in the .zip file.

The model is completely free and you can even use it for commercial  purposes. The complete details and restrictions are specified in the  accompanying PDF documents.

You can download it here at Deviantart:


Or here at Mediafire:

http://www.mediafire.com/?70me9apmjxyy6gd :yes: