X-Wing Logo Animation

Here is a Logo Concept that I’ve been working on, and I think it’s done. The look is sort of similar to the KnightQuest THX logo that Joe Monroe did, and is where I got the idea. Anyway, I liked the way the sound came out especially. Tell me what you think. It’s only about a 2 MB download .wmv.

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very nice work. the sound is perfect, everything is very nice.

the blobs at the beginning could use more explanation, maybe a ship shooting them, whatever they are.

and all of the copyrights hurt your rights in the movie.

but very nice intro.

and “ENCORE” isn’t very creative, is it?

Great work once again… love it.

very excellent! It was quite well detailed and balanced, and sound was really good (how’d ya do the sound, btw?) I like the sun at the start.

ya, copyrights can be a pain, but it’s still cool, and you’ve got the “fan film” kinda thing going. just don’t start making money on it, or you could get a call from Mr. Lucas’ “stromtroopers” :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. how long did it take ya to render all that?

Wow :o you can all tell i like star wars from my name right.that looks awsome.Is everybody excited about ‘III’ or what!!!Thats awsome.

I too am a starwars fan. (I’m working on, what may be a very long, star wars film project) I watch the previews for III all the time. lol
Gotta love those X-wings though.

there is only 1 description of that anim
UBER-DUDAGE! nice work man and ur avatar did u make that and PLZ can i see the blend i realy need a good point of referance for my stormtrooper helmet…

Amazing!!! Just Amazingg :o

Very well done! Well impressed :slight_smile:

Can you tell us how you did the lighting? Amazing! :o

I don’t think it was created by Blender .

that was really well done.

Well, the scenes were created in Blender 100%. No After effects for the lasers or anything like that. If you are commenting on the sound, then, no that wasn’t done in Blender. You could do it in the sequence editor, I think, but I use Pinnacle Liquid Ldition Pro for video editing. All the sounds were added to the rendered scenes in there. Thank you for all your comments. This is kind of a test for something bigger. This summer I am hoping to do something I have not scene a lot of here, or on any other fan film, and that is a sustained, fairly grand space battle (maybe with exception of Pink 5). We’ll see if I can find the time or not, but I am definately going to try.

Thanks. The lighting for the different scenes varies. In the moon fly by, the xwing is lit using ambient occlusion, and the moon is shadeless and they were composited in the sequence editor. For the shooting it is all lit with ambient occlusion. The approach and explosion are composited in 3 pieces, the Logo, the space background sphere and the xwing. The xwing is ambient occlusion, the logo is just ray shadows (I would have liked to do AO, but there wasn’t time to render it) and the stars are shadeless.

As for the actual light sources, it was pretty much just one big ray spotlight and a dim hemi light and a dim ray spotlight.

Sound, see above. Render time wasn’t actually all that long (relatively speaking). For all scenes it probably took about 24 hours.

Sorry, it’s not a 3d model. When I first started posting on Blenderwars, and before I could model anything, I took a picture of this toy I have and stuck him up as my avatar. Haven’t changed it since. Maybe I should model him though. It’s not technically acurate either, so I doubt it would be much help.

And for all the great comments, thank you guys. Hopefully all these little tests I have been doing recently will culminate inot a big production this summer.

Is the Encore logo all custom modelled or is that some super cool texture on text to make it look like that? It has to be modelled right?

BTW, I am having a blast playing around with your FOX animation… any chance you’ll be releasing this one too, with the audio? Panting dog sound


The Encore logo is custom modeled. It is just a bunch of boxes generated by the Beast city block generator on to letters. It took a while to cut up the letters to get vertices spread out enough to generate the blocks evenly. Then I just applied a standard metal texture to them. Nothing too fancy.

The audio is pulled from lots of sources. If I get time I try to put them together in a zip and post it here. However if you wanted to get them your self, the best resources are:

XWING CD and XWING vs TIE FIGHTER flight school and probably regular Xwing vs TIE Fighter
-all the sound effects are wavs
Pod Racer
-Again, mp3s and wavs
-In their fan films resource area, they have a lot of good explosions and some star trek sounds.

I will try to remember to post the .blend files, but I’m really busy finishing up this term in school, and with work, so it could be a little while before I get around to it.

So, do you have a mixdown version of the audio as a single wave file? I was just thinking it’d be fun to play around with the animation and possibly re-model the text to say something else. All the audio would stay the same…

Anyways, take your time. I am still enjoying the fox animation you so graciously provided…


cool work, the explosion at the end was rocked! :o

only suggestion would be to use a different fly by sound effect instead of the same one each time.

great texture job on the x-wing.

How did you do the explosion? Was that extrernal?

The begining asteroids (if that is what they are) and the explosions of the asteroids are not very good. I think they are missles defending the craft, I agree with previous post, they need more explanation.

Everything after that point is fantastic including the audio.