X-WING T65 - T70, With R2D2 and BB-8

Hello everyone!
At the moment I am immersed in rebuilding an X-WING T65 & T70, including R2D2 and BB-8 from STAR WARS for a technical demo on Unreal Engine.
I want to share with you some of the progress I’m making on the project.
Hope you like.
Screen Shots from Unreal Engine

Fan Art Poster with the Droids

T65 - T70 Wireframe Model

T65 - T70 Model Mix Wings

Texture testing in render (Iray S.Painter)


Looks awesome so far! Models look really clean.

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First assembly tests at EEVEE.
The setting is a bit rustic and not definitive, but at least it serves to pose the montage
Here I will go over the textures to see which areas fail or do not finish fitting and once finished we take it to Unreal Engine.


Testing different HDRi and adding other lighting and some asset …

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The time has come to work on the Unreal Engine.
After importing the model and its corresponding textures with UDIMs, here are some renderings of the model in Unreal. I have not used Raytracing on these shots but the quality is almost cinematic :slight_smile:


In Unreal Engine I have made a small demonstration of an interface with which you can see the different X-Wing models in a hangar.

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