Im mainly looking for help with the textures, i could use some help with the model but lighting hasn’t been attempted…

Pic Here

Im now working on a new model, mainly cos i couldn’t actually be bothered changing all the things on my old one, so i should have a sort of update soon. I could still use any comments that haven’t been posted.

very nice… but it looks like it could use some oversampling. press the OSA button in the Display buttons [F10]…

You should care of the OSA button, anyway :wink:

Laser is cool, model is simple (expecially those wings! so unbevelled!) but can go, if you texture them nicely.

Bumpnap is funny, looks like it is raised where it should be sunken and vice versa… try pressing the Nor button again

Textures looks a bit washed out, and unsharp, maybe some higher res?

Cockpit class is not much glassy… should be dark, black, with a fake envmap




Keep it up


Problems???Copyright Problems???Lucas has sued

first off, if by some wierd chance george comes around here and happens to see this, he has to first find out who i am, then try suing a kid who doesn’t have much money. I’ll risk it.

About bevelling, i have yet to find out how to do this, but i’ll try and find a tutorial after this post. I didn’t think about making the textures higher res, i was just using the default render size. I didn’t think about it becoming low quality in a bigger render. I also forgot about the droid when i first did the model, and i didn’t think that many people would notice, but maybe i’ll put one in. The cockpit isn’t exactly finished yet. It’s really a transparent, low reflective glass with supports on the edges, i just haven’t modeled anything to be seen through yet so i made it non transparent for now.

Well i guess i’ve still got a bit of work to do, better get onto it. Thanx for the feedback.

ahhh, got a 404, pretty please put it back :slight_smile:

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lol i pitty you. you piced one of the hardest things in all of starwars to model i have tryed meany times and still cant get the damn thing to work properly… so if you want some advice try a TIE fighter :smiley:

This must be one of the most modelled starwarsmodels all categories :slight_smile: … And it’s a great idea everytime =)

Looking forward seeing your new model…cant be other than good.

Here’s my attemt modelled some time ago, http://w1.111.telia.com/~u11114561/xwing.jpg

i already have modeled a TIE, and i think it was one of the easiest things to do. The X-wing is a lot harder to model, but i’ve had a bit of experience now and i found a bunch of really good reference pics, so it should look better. Now i just need the time to make it.

I like your model eric, it looks sweet!