Hi All

About a month ago I started my first hard surface project in Blender. Always wanted to model a Star Destroyer so I thought I would see how it went with modelling an X-Wing. Was a lot of fun, but I spent more time watching tutorials than actually modelling. :o

Decided not to texture this now, will probably get to it in the future.

Saw a pic I liked of one in the air and used it as a guide, but decided to tone it down a bit. The ref pic can be found at this address >>> http://xwingzaragoza.blogspot.co.za/2014/11/segundo-tercio-de-la-liga-abierta.html


Links to high res pics

And some different views

Crits and comments appreciated.



I`m a beginner of blender (around 3-4 months) and i am currently working on a spaceship so I how hard it is to make a realistic ship.Good Job mate.

@ Munno101, thanks for looking in here and complement. Do you have an open thread on the ship you are busy with, would like to have a look.



Yeah, it’s in the air and looking great. Personally, I don’t miss textures in this shot. The light from the side works fantastic to bring out all the detailed modeling you did. Wonderful job!

Hi minoribus

Thanks very much for looking in here and your comments, appreciate it.



Good work my friend - keep it up (or something like that!!! :evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin:)

Cheers, Clock.

Thanks Clock, seems when I am offered the 2 pills I always seem to choose the wrong one. :yes: