X, Y, and Z?

My only previous experience with 3D modeling is with an old version of True Space. In True Space you could select an object, then manually enter the x/y/z coordinates, precisely controlling the exact position you wanted to place that object. Can you do the same thing in Blender?
Also can you type in an object’s rotation? If I want to set a cone mesh on its side, can I simply select the cone and manually enter a 90 degree rotation value rather than dragging the cone along its axis with my mouse?

Yes, pressing N on a 3D-view gives you the numeric input dialog, there is a place for X, Y and Z, for scale and for rotation. You can rotate object pressing R 9 0 Enter

What I newly learned pressing R R gives you a trackball-rotation, but i must still see what is that usefull for. And you should keep your eye on the “Hand-tool” coordinate axes, there is a global coordinate system, a local coordinate system, and you can define your own coordinate system based on some selected face. (See the discussion: “What is local space”)
You can even start dragging/scaling/rotating your object using the “Hand-tool” manipulator, and continue it numerically. That is: Click with mouse the red, green, or blue manipulator, and just give the number from your keyboard and press Enter.

Thanks. You saved me a load of headaches there!