X, Y, Z Transformation Orientation Toggle in 2.8+ Modeling Behavior

Prior to 2.8 the X,Y,Z toggle for moving/rotating/scaling an element used to toggle between Global/Normal and now it toggles between Global/Local. Is there somewhere in preferences to change this behavior? I’d prefer not to just leave it in Normal orientation by default to get back to Global as a second option.

edit: For clarity, I mean the X,Y,Z keys, hitting them twice will switch orientation during an edit instead of slowing down to use the comma key or the GUI to change.

No, there is none.

Did this just happen? I swear it was working prior at 2.8, but changed in 2.82.

It never did toggle between Global/Normal. It toggled between Global and whatever orientation you had selected. It does the same now, only that Global became second instead of first.

Indeed, Hadriscus, indeed :slight_smile:

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It used to be Global/selected orientation, and now it’s reversed.

Mutual love, Stan.

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Well, I take it there’s no way to change that then?

Not as far as I know. I checked a bit in the keymap, but it doesn’t seem to be exposed. It’s just a matter of adjusting to it though, nothing bad. Imagine having to use Maya.

I’ll definitely attempt to get used to it, already am the new shortcuts.

edit: I’m already seeing this being more efficient for poly modeling, really. A bit less RSI, I’m sure.