(DAK) #1

There is a group of 9 X-Y-Z buttons in the bottom middle of material window. By changing them, I can sometimes change the sides the materials start to project. But I am still playing at random to get what I want. Is there a simple trick to know which set up changes from which edge the material starts? I asked this before but think no one saw.

(S68) #2

Actually they are a ‘remap’ for textures.

In the standard way (diagonal) x,y,z coords of object are x,y,z coords for texture. Otherwise things changes and coordianta x of object/glob/watever is mapped in coordinate z of texture etc.

the unlabeled button next to each row (they are 12 buttons, not 9) is a ‘don’t care’ button.

I only used this to make texture stretcing in a preferential direction.

Also the other buttons on the right are extremely useful, they really move the origin of the texture and stretches it.