I’m used to using engineering software such as AutoCad and Solidworks and I’m a little confused about something missing from Blender.

In the bottom left corner we have the X,Y,Z co-ord direction pointer, so you know what axis you are on…the thing is, it’s too small!! Do you not think that having a transparent or ghost co-ord right in the centre of your plane would be a better idea? Making it react to zoom so that it stays in precise relate with the scene would be helpful too.

I think that this would help me out big style…or is it because I’m a precision engineer I’m too fussy???


There already is a direction pointer in the grid, those blue, green and red lines coming from the centre. (By default only Y and X is shown, but you can go to View > View Properties and turn on Z)


Opps I missed those…I have a weird form of colourblindness and these lines must blend into the background.

Now I’ve looked for them, I can make them out!



Also, you can make the little widget bigger and brighter in the options.

Double cheers!!! This is what forums are good for…all the little tricks not in the tuts.

pull down the options and look for a button called “Mini Access”. the size and brightness are to the right of this.