decimate mesh rendered in blender internal,Matcap material, post pro (node compo+ pS). To be finishing (sculpt and cycles)…Comments are welcome.


Like my boss tell me

“Lack of detail”

You can improve the model a lot.

This is an ape, right?

It’s a gorilla

Very nice, it looks very good.

If it’s gorilla, then why its feet and hands are small. Ok, he is bit evolved by the looks of suit, but anatomy shouldn’t change. add up more details on suit, as well on skin (he is gorilla, needs hairs) via sculpting.

Uhm, you friggin nailed the masses on this one! Everything is in place, well done! This is much more important than minute details. So the bulk of your work is done here. What’s your plan with this? Any hires version? Details, details…no need for details :slight_smile: Retopo-rig-and animate it! :slight_smile: that’s what this needs!

Bravo Dude!

This is a really excellent model. 5 stars!

Thanks for your support juhada. I don’t plan any animation with. I just want to improve my worflow with hard surface modeling. I will continue sculpting, work on the hands will probably be the next step, but I think I will retopo too. I think I will work on compositing multiple scene (cycles not support hair particles). Excuse my english, but with a bit of reflection I think it would be understandable. happy blending. Thanks to Rocketman to.

Lack of detail? where? Great work, I really liked it!