x1 driver issue/rigify

I have this weird Auto-run disabled: Driver ‘x1’ error it appears at the top. I have no idea what this means or what to do to fix it. Although I have noticed that if I append an object from a .blend with this issue the object will “infect” the .blend. Also this model seems to reject all attempts at rigging which is why I’m posting the thread here. I’m trying to animate it for unity but rigify’s automatic weighting won’t work at all. This is the only model with this issue and I have successfully rigged two others. And on a side note I did originally make this character in makehuman (since I’m a noob) could that be the cause?

Rigify uses scripts and you have auto running of scripts disabled (the error message). You will therefore need to accept running of the script “Reload Trused” option.
You can set blender to always run scripts in the User Preferences / File panel

Thank you so much. That error message is gone and I’ve got my rig working now.