(sten) #1

why did you lock the posts,
are so not into getting comments
that you can’t handle our comments ?

and what will us make belive that Maxon or NaN/Ton
will give you the code to make a new 3D tool ?

they are indeed like secret recipies…if you don’t buy
the entire code for millions of money, I don’t think you
ever gonna have the code if it isn’t copyright breaking,
cause not in whole world will you ever get that kind of money,
then would Blender/NaN be saved by know lol :smiley:

bite that !! 8)


(Green) #2

a moderator locked the post.
and x10 is just a troll.
dont pay any attention to what he says. he is only out to irritate people.

(sten) #3

aha…sorry Green… 8)

(EnderRender) #4

That wasn’t me that was Kib_Tibh and if you want to seee a screenshot go to www.a-world.8k.com/screenshot.

(sten) #5

say what ??

404 Error – File Not Found
The page you are looking for (http://www.a-world.8k.com/screenshot.) is not here.

lol :o

/ztonzy 8)

(EnderRender) #6

try http://www.a-world.8k.com/screenshot.htm

(SKPjason) #7

Maybe it’s just me… well… I guess ztonzy too… :wink: but why would you want to do this… this whole new 3d app thing… Kinda ridiculous and childish isn’t it? Ton himself is doingwhat he can to keep blender going… going in a direction which will see the assured growth of this amazing tool… why would you want to fuck up the original creator’s goals… X10 - do you hate Ton, wish to proverbially stick your pecker in his backside for some “thing” you feel he did wrong… Are you trying to ruin a dream for an entire community?

Dreams are noble… but ground them in a perspective which includes reality… I personally tho hope no one contributes any money to your ambitions or time discussing this issue… it is getting in the way of blender’s legitimate growth under the eyes of the man who gave freely to the world his version of “mindshare.”

You want the emotional payoff of doing a good thing… help an old lady across the street… or adopt a stray cat… :wink:

(Green) #8

I hope you are joking.
Do you really believe x10 is who he claims to be?

(EnderRender) #9

Who’s Ton and what did he do?

(sten) #10

Cut and Paste in PhotoShop ?

I can do that too !!! :smiley:

mythomaniac ?? 8)


(Eric) #11

I can see that you atleast can afford the simply amazing cut and paste features in M$ paint.

(sten) #12

Irony I would guess :wink:


(SKPjason) #13

Green… I was trying to be nice and give the benfit of the doubt… :wink:

Even idiots need understanding… who else would serve the fries in McDonalds, or clean the johns in Walmart… :wink:

(Green) #14

Irony I would guess :wink:


I really really hope so.

(ScottishPig) #15

Who’s Ton and what did he do?

I dunno. lol

Serious question: Which renderer will it use anyhow? C4D or Blender? (or neither?)

(EnderRender) #16

I’m not going to back out. Since I came to the Blender community everyone’s not taking me seriously just because I’m a kid. Or is it that I stated a lot of times in the chatroom that I’m smart and athletic I didn’t mean to make anyone jealous. Anyway I’m not going to back out 'til I get the respect I deserve. What you think just because I’m one of those people that have a good childhood like being cool and athletic you think I’m one of those selfish people that can’t do anything for themselves. Everyone tought the same when I stated that I was gonna make a game. So I’m not gonna back out now because I’m what I claim to be.

(EnderRender) #17

That’s not cut and paste and I can proove it. What do you want me to do?

(Timothy) #18

I would like you to stop talking about this,… like I asked you in the private message.