how do I install X11 for Tiger?

Hello StingSlang
I can only offer limited advice i’m afraid as though i use ‘X’ all the time and know it well am i right in believing ‘Tiger’ is MacOS X? if it is i would suggest visiting the x.org website as i feel sure they will have details of doing this and should have a build for your system there. I run ‘X’ version 7.3 i think on Slackware Linux 12 with KDE as the desktop manager so if you have any problems when you’ve installed it just ask ok.

Its on the installation CDs that came with Tiger. I think its CD1, but I could be wrong.

Just load it up and install.

I think you can download it through apple.com somehow as well, I just can’t remember where to get it right now.

pop in the tiger dvd and click on customize when it comes to the installation window. If you don’t touch anything else (ie format the drive) the X11 will be added to the existing system.