With our entry “Diamonds are forever” we ( area42 - Agentur & Systempartner ; http://www.area42.de ) are one of the winners of the X3Diamond Award organized by the web3d consortium and spacetime3d:

X3D is a open realtime3d format, the contest was about visualisation of a diamond. Mostly done with Blender and some coding in PSPad.

You need IE and FluxPlayer plugin to view it:

Here is a screenshot:

looks serious.

The halo effect is a nice touch and the bg is boggling :slight_smile: me likies. But IE would not allow direct installtion of FLux ( ermm well windows wouldn’t let me) so I had to download a local copy… not fun.

Awesome work.
If only the actual diamond looked real…

Id expect the diamond to be a little transparent? but This is good
I really liek the background… lol