X3Dom.js for displaying 3d models on your website


If you didnt know already, there is x3dom.js for embedding 3d models (x3d, directly from blender) into yor website.

They can be rotated, zoomed, there are several display modes (like you can see on x3dmodels.com =) )

It works best with webgl but also has a flash fallback (flash 11) and also for the worst case an image fallback =)

hope to see some more websites popping up using x3dom.js =)

Hacker :slight_smile:
put a Demo there

what do you mean with hacker? =)

here are some demos and showcases:

Hacker in the good way :slight_smile:
It is a compliment.

There is a demo there: http://x3dmodels.com/models/coming-soon

But the model starts at a weird angle (you see the model from the site, so all you see is a blue line).

Rotate the blue line, by LMB* drag.
Then you can see the 3D model rotating.

A question:
is animation supported, and/or other actions (click triggers)?

*(LMB= left mouse button)

yes, animations are supported with x3dom and also actions using jquery / javascript

is fixed now

x3dom is not by me, it is by the fraunhofer igd in germany but we use x3dom =)

you can export directly x3d from blender
the result is a xml file with many attributes and ids
you can then use in jquery the function .attr() for reading and setting them at runtime / in realtime in javascript

x3dom will be used also for another project in combination with dat.gui for a full dynamic control of the 3d models =)