I hope you can tell me what you think, and what is missing.


What I think - pretty realistic modeling, no crits there.

What I think is missing:

  • A decent background colour.
  • Some materials
  • Ambient Occlusion (AO or AAO)
  • And smudges. Speakers like these always end up covered in fingerfrints, unfortunately.
  • Oh, and a scene. You should design a workstation or something to put this (these?) on.

Pretty good job so far though. There’s no huge things in the modeling that yells “IM CG!” (like unbeveled edges) so it’s a good start. :yes::yes::yes:

Oh, and if you could attach images in your posts or inbed them, that would be helpful. Saves clicking on a link to a mystery image, if we have a thumbnail of some sort.

Thats exactly the things I am looking for in peoples replies. Exact notions that I can Google to improve my skill and knowledge in blender.

They will be part of a workstation that will include the whole set of the x530, a mouse, a keyboard and the screen.

What do you exactly mean by materials ?

And thanks a lot, I appreciate it.

he means materials by either textures or colors(i think :stuck_out_tongue: ) … and i love the work you’ve done and i also love those speakers in real life :P… and Nitronic its these not theis by the way lol .

Both, depending on the complexity of the part in question.

There wasn’t meant to be an “e” in “thies”, it was meant to be “this”. The bracketed “these?” implied that although there is only one at the moment, they come as a set of two or more. Good spotting though. I’ve edited my post to be clear to future viewers.

Goes back to check all spelling
Finds grammatical error and fixes

Update… The picture from the back is to show you the difference between now and when I am finished with the input/output wires.


Shouldn’t there be a logitech logo (or at least the circular thing the logo is printed on) on the 4 corner speakers? Also there should be a net on the front side of the speakers?

Other than that, great models, (I actually have a set of those speakers)

Very nice. They look a lot like the real thing, but they need materials. I REALLY want a set of these speakers. But I don’t have enough $$$. : (

Shouldn’t there be a logitech logo (or at least the circular thing the logo is printed on) on the 4 corner speakers?

Thats a simple thing to add, and I will add the moment I start with the material and mesh.

Also there should be a net on the front side of the speakers?

True, but I do not know how to create such a net. You are more then welcome point me in the right direction.

You can created a heavily subdivied plane and use wireframe. For wireframe rendering, the alpha value affects (or effects, ?) the thinkness of the wires.

Do you have an X-530 yourself, Faris?

They are right in front of me.

I will Google the wireframe and the alpha values. Thanks for the tip.

You are so lucky to have one. LOL

They are very good, especially with Video Games.

And here is the wireframe you suggested.


That looks great! I went to Fry’s almost two months ago, and they had an X-230 hooked up to a Wii, and there was a message that said that the Wiimote had low batteries. I couldn’t exit unless I had an extra pair of batteries, and I don’t exaclty carry an extra pair of batteries in my pocket, LOL. The X-230 had really good bass, but Fry’s was so huge, I bet the bass wasn’t even half of what it would be in a house. Is the X-230’s subwoofer less powerful than the X-530’s? Do they sell X-530’s at Target? Were could I get one for less than about $40 US?

This guy on YouTube has an X-530 and won’t answer a question. I want to know an estimate of just how much bass an X-530 has, and he plays this song. Look at your X-530’s subwoofer and tell me about what volume and bass setting he played it at, please. Thanks, and it’s OK if you don’t want to do it. : )

Did you use AO (Ambient Occlusion)?