x64 python

Hi there,

I’m having great trouble getting py to work on my x64 machine, any tips? What is the installation path on x32?


I tried getting it to work, but 2.4.4 ia64 says “This product is not build for your CPU” or something and with 2.5 installed blender doesn’t detect it. Any ideas?

I think you should specify what OS you are currently working on and if you have corectly installed the specific 64 bits verions of this OS

… to get more chance to have an answer

Ah yes ofcourse, I forgot about that windows isn’t dominant. xD

Windows Professional x64, Intel Dual Core 2 E6300

err…IA64 binaries are NOT for Windows x64…
IA64 binaries are for Intel Itanium systems only…despite the name, IA64 has pretty much nothing to do with IA32 and its 64bit extension from AMD ("AMD64, a.k.a. x86-64 a.k.a. EM64T)…

Ouch! Pwnt by Itanium! Well thanks a lot, I’ll just install the ‘normal’ version then. One question remains, while offtopic.

Why an IA64 version?

It friggin works w00t! Export import b-brush welcome!

No cursing please, theese forums are clean (I have complained about the hostility of game maker forums and commended blender forums, so make us proud)

Did blender recognize py2.5?