X7 Animation

I created this animation using Blender, After Effects and Anime Studio for a crowd funded project it never materialized. Any critiques, suggestions are welcome and really appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

pretty good – but really MUCH longer than it needs to be. the point is, you stick it in the base of the cup, it changes color if there is trouble. I would try to edit it down to less than 1 minute.

Thank you, I’m glad you like it. I really tried to convince the client the video was too long. But he insisted to use a script he already had and he wouldn’t hear anything else. Especially when you are requesting money for crowd funded projects you have to consider the potential donors want to see as many projects as they can but he wouldn’t listen. He had his script and wanted to use every sentence in it.

well, the customer is always right. /snicker/