Xaml based 3D pinball game

A friend of mine at work recently asked me for some models to use in a xaml based 3D pinball game he wants to make. You can download a working xaml export script for Blender and read about his progress here:

I don’t know much about xaml but I gather that it’s possible to view and rotate a model in any direction in a web browser. This would be seriously cool! Up until recently I thought you could only do this using ZAM3D but since Blender has an export script you can output any model (including textures) and view them over the web.

You can download WPF model viewer here:

Hope this is of interest.

It´s good to see a working script to export to xaml.
Microsoft has realeased an alpha for the SilverLight where you can program in C# using Visual Studio Net (ORCA will be the version for 2008) and show xaml in playable games in the Browser.
For me it rocks because I like these new thinks and I don’t care if it is Linux or Windows or any other os.
See these links: