Xara, GPL and Windows


I’ve just been checking out the awesome Xara Xtreme found at http://www.xaraxtreme.org/ using an Ubuntu Virtual machine guest running on a Windows host (Vmware). It is a pretty impressive piece of software able to render complex scenes that Inkscape would choke and die on - even under virtualisation. Now what I am wondering is this…

Firstly, respect to the people at Xara for making an open-source linux version. It seems that they plan to make money selling Xara for windows but seeing that the code was always written to be cross-platform (see the FAQ) and that the code for linux is under GPL v2 what stops someone else porting that linux code to Windows?

Of course this would have non of the third-party proprietary stuff (that comes with the paying version) and would have to be released free and open source but wouldn’t this undercut their plans for selling Xara for windows?

As I am no expert on the license, perhaps someone can clarify if this is possible or not. Personally I would love to see an open source and free Xara Xtreme on Windows (though I wish the original developers well in their business too)!


EDIT> Actually seeing that the original source was for windows what I am asking if it is possible for someone to unport (or is it deport???) the source code!

ummm i don’t understand, AFAIK its always been free for windows.


Alltaken: Xara Xtreme for Windows is commercial. The Linux and OSX versions are GPL.