Xbox 360 Annouces Launch Games... and they Suck!

This is a disappointing launch for you Xbox fans (I am not one of them). It’s dominated by sequels and sports games. How lame is that? I guess they’ve already sold out the system, but what among those games is supposed to make me want the system? Some of them look okay, but are they must have? Not at all.

Most launches do have a lot of sequels for safety, but I think Microsoft jumped the gun too soon with it’s release.

Here’s the List:

Amped 3 (2K Sports)
Call of Duty 2 (Activision)
Condemned: Criminal Origins (Sega)
FIFA 06: Road to the World Cup (Electronic Arts)
Gun (Activision)
Kameo: Elements of Power (Microsoft Game Studios)
Madden NFL 06 (Electronic Arts)
NBA 2K6 (2K Sports)
NBA Live 06 (Electronic Arts)
Need for Speed Most Wanted (Electronic Arts)
NHL 2K6 (2K Sports)
Perfect Dark Zero (Microsoft Game Studios)
Peter Jackson’s King Kong (Ubisoft)
Project Gotham Racing 3 (Microsoft Game Studios)
Quake 4 (Activision)
Ridge Racer 6 (Namco)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 (Electronic Arts)
Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland (Activision)

Looks like it has a bit of everything, 1st person shooters, racing games, sports games, and adventure/action, IMO. Yes, I (well, my brothers and I) have one pre-ordered, so maybe I’m a bit biased.:wink: I played COD 2 on the 360, and it was fun, and I saw my brother play King Kong, and it looked really cool and immersive. My 2 cents on the launch titles.:smiley:


What with oblivion being dropped as a launch title…

Bit of everything? What about RPG? What about Fighting? I have the King Kong demo on PC, and it was pretty fun. Only time will tell if it’s got any legs. That’s probably the most original game of the lineup, but it’s multiplatform and people who have a pc will play it on a pc.

I used to play Perect Dark back on the N64, where it completely rocked. If they pull off anything like that this time I’d sure want one of them 360’s.

it isn’t too bad.
i am not a xbox fan more a ps fan
but the games look good like call of duty 2, perfect dark, Tony Hawk. I don’t really know the other but the time is going so fast.

when is it coming out?

I’ll just wait till the Playstation 3 comes out.

Oblivion is coming out sometime in early 2006, and that’s good. I have nothing against if Bethesda needs a bit more time to complete it (and that gives me some more time to get myself a new graphics card, which I will most likely need).

and I’ll wait until its affordable

I thought Kameo was produced by Rareware (granted, they were bought out by Microsoft, but still, it stings a little :-? )

I have played a 360, and, after those few minutes, have decided against buying it. I am a Nintendo person, but the purchase of Rare has made me think about reconsidering. I played a demo of Kameo at a local store, and there was a massive increase in the geometry that it sould handle (based on other systems I have seen) or really amazing bumpmaps ( :o ) but the controller still freaks me out. I don’t think Microsoft has been ahead of the game as they claim to be for the past few years. I think they will slowly be winding down unless they do something drastic (an early release is one of these things, before anyone says anything).

I see gasp Playstation 3 taking the leading role in the next era of Gaming Systems, but will not be happy until the PSP bites the dust. :smiley:

Hold on Tight,

BTW, the 360 has severe antialiasing problems, from what I saw. In game systems like the Gamecube or PS2, they are not noticable, but in the 360 I found that extremely annoying and a hindrance to the gameplay. I also wish to see them fix all of the Walk-Cycle problems they have had in some of the previously released Xbox titles (EG. Fable) where the characters feet when moving do not match the ground. Just my 2 cents, if it is worth that much… :smiley:

I don’t like how people say a console is good and pre-order it without knowing anything about the sytem and/or games. It’s really annoying.

“PS3 rocks!”
“You got to play it?!”
“Yes, it’s called PS2!”
“Most of the games will suck, anyway.”

I think there will be another game market crash, and it looks as if this 6th generation is it. Too many people making games, inflating the market, not any good games that hold up well.

hmm, the only ones that look interesting to me are CoD2, Gun and King Kong.

hmm any example of this…IMO the newest images I saw from the games didn’t have any aliasing problem…Back in the E3 of this year there was tho because ther 360 wasn’t ready and everything shown was without AA and being played on 2 macg4 (or g5? can’t remember)…

maybe I’m wrong tho!

As for the launch title…not really impressive…quake4 is quite good…but available on pc…king kong might be interesting…CoD2 is suppose to be awesome from what I heard and saw…perfect dark was cool on the N64…I hope they kept the quality level high for this one too…

without halo and splintercell…xbox is not much (I’m an xbox owner…).

HOLY MOLY! They have Kameo and Perfect Dark, I’ll pay $600 for those thx. :stuck_out_tongue:

How can you say there’s nothing special there?

Same here. I was just saying that micro$oft had a lot riding on oblivion (from what I hear) and that it might hurt sales some.

I don’t have picture of the one that I played, but on a site I found, they had the same opinion:

General Impressions
PGR3 demo video I didn’t find the graphics in the demos to be that much further along than PC games. The biggest problem was that none of them seemed to have any kind of anti-aliasing. The demo unit was hooked up to what appeared to be an LCD HDTV. The sharp pixels on the display made the lack of anti-aliasing very noticeable. Once can only hope that this will be cleaned up by release time. The videos of Project Gotham Racing 3 looked even more impressive in full resolution so there’s still hope. The dashboard was very clean and easy to navigate giving quick access to games, media and Xbox Live.


If you ever get a chance to play it, you will see what I mean…

Hold on Tight,

ahh sigh looks like every other launch title i have seen.

Crappy sports games and lame ass sequels.

The only game that looks remotely interesting is call of duty 2.

No Halo to save microsofts ass this time, wonder what will happen…
Maybe gears of war can fill that gap, too bad it aint a launch.

Though i am extremely interested in the ps3, not to start a flame war though.
MGS4 looks like it will be the game of the year. And i heard FFXIII is already in production for ps3, so that will get every award possible. :smiley:

I hate sports games. I don’t see the point really. Real sport is to help you get fit and socialize with people. Video games do the opposite.

and I’ll wait until its affordable[/quote]

Same here. I’ll wait until my brother can afford it then I’ll get his PS2 and visit him a lot :).

I always felt the Xbox had crappy games and any decent games were just ported from the PS2. I think that had something to do with Sony having the history of the PS1. With the new consoles, the playing ground is fairly even and in fact the Xbox 360 probably has the advantage since I read that they got their devkits out much quicker and they will have a much earlier launch.

Some reports say the PS3 won’t be out until at least mid-2006 and others hint at a 2007 release. The reasoning given is exactly that they don’t think there will be enough games for the XBox 360 and also it gives Sony the chance to reduce their PS2 prices. Sony can still make a profit selling the PS2 at $99 whereas M$ are losing money with their xbox console already at $150.

However, the time gap may make a lot of people switch and by the time Sony gets round to releasing their machine, Microsoft may be in a position to cut their price. The XBox 360 has quite a low launch price of £280. Financial reports suggest the PS3 will cost Sony about £280 exactly to build. I guess we’ll just have to see.

Not that anyone will be interested (:P) but the Nintendo Revolution should launch about the same time as the PS3 - June 2006. So maybe Microsoft are being a little hasty.

Same old, same old … NOW WITH BETTER GRAPHICS!

In my opinion, gameplay matters much more than graphics … and gameplay, for the most part, has been rather stale lately. I’m actually most excited about the Nintendo Revolution, as it is so significantly different than it can bring whole new gaming experiences which were never before possible.

Think of what fun the Nintendo DS has been. Most pople like it far more than the Play Station Portable simply because if all of it’s new, fresh variety of game play. The Revolution may seem like a strange idea now, but as soon people start playing a few games for themselves I’m sure poeple will quickly realise it really is something special.

I predict Nintendo will be comming out on top this generation of consoles. Playstation 3 may follow in second place. Many people (my family included) will likely have both a Nintendo Revolution and a Playstation 3.

I’ve never liked XBox – expensive, bloated, and boring.

I heard Playstation 3 is going to get a remake of Final Fantasy 7 :smiley: . So I’ll get a playstation 3 when that classic comes out.

I never liked Xbox, I felt that the Xbox games were never properly completed. Like in Halo2 the movie sequences would start playing before the bump mapping was loaded up and lighting effects. And the ammount of bugs in it were unbarable a simple jump could get you off the map.

And then some games would get major slow downs.

The Nintendo Revolution is going to be a revolution in gaming.