XBOX 360 Controller

Just got a 360 not to long ago and gave me an idea for a model…what do you think?

Nice. Although it really needs materials. I think the A,B,Y,and X buttons are a little more round though. I might be wrong. Again really nice…Wish I had a 360.

yea thats true i havnt done that yet with the buttons thouhg because its got a clear dome sort of thing over top of it…and for meterials…ill do it at the end

About the buttons… The YXBA are deffinately too rigid even if you are adding a dome on top, which wouldn’t look right. The B button is way to high from the surface. All of the YXBA buttons should be the same distance from the controller. They rotate along the surface. Another thing I see is the back, and start buttons are too long. I think they need to be shortened. Other than that, I think it looks good. Finish her up, and maybe you can put it next to my xbox 360 I never finished like a year ago. HAHA

well i think i am going to call it quits on the controller but not on the project… i think i am going to do the consol next… now i know this isnt perfect i reralise there is those messed up parts down on the bottom corners where u hold the controller (you can see them in the front iew pic) but i can only fix them by re modeling the whole section they used to be twice as bad but i fixed them a bit…andi also realise i forgot the ring of lights around the guide button but i will add it in when i get time

so keeping those things in mind what do you think?

well, in that case, I think its really nice!:slight_smile: And even with the errors its not that bad