Xbox 360 game


I’m after talented artists to help me on an indi game i’m making for the Xbox.

I cannot offer money but can put your name in the credits and provide you with a download code for the game on completion.

The game is a turn based fantasy battle game.

You will control a team with characters (mages, warriors, horsemen etc ) and battle an opposing force. Think final fantasy’s /, shinning force style graphics.

If this sounds like something you are willing to help with my website is at:

This is a great chance to get your artwork seen on a games console.

Be prepared for flames from other members of the community for this post, because this is a bad thing to “offer”. I’ll be a nice one and let you know that you are basically asking for an artist to work for free for a chance their art “may” be seen in a game. Never minding that most game players don’t give much attention to who did the artwork at all. I’ve never heard a gamer go, “Wow! I must know who the artist is that did the texture and background for that level!” Artwork, be they textures, backgrounds or even concept art, takes quite a bit of artists’ time and energy. This is like asking for web designers to make you a free website and as “payment” they get to advertise for free in the website’s credits. Unless you’re prepared to offer up royalties from the game sales, which I’m very sure you’ll make a profit from, I’m afraid you’re going to be not only searching for water without a dousing rod, but someone’s likely to give you an unpleasant experience with said dousing rod. You just don’t ask anyone to be a free-working employee for something you’re going to make money on.

This is for the Blender Game Engine, not XNA. :confused:

Then I might be an exception, due to my fondness for Artbooks, concept art collections and saying that line exactly after playing Braid for the first time. When I played The NeverHood, it was that phrase + “the music for this whole game”

However, as a (n aspiring) game artist myself I agree with you in every other statement.


chance to redeem yourself:

show us a simple working prototype of idea, otherwise get ready for a whole lot of nothing

Could you not change a word here or there when you post this. It gets a bit repetitive after the third or fourth time in one day.


Could you not change a word here or there when you post this. It gets a bit repetitive after the third or fourth time in one day.


no. these kind of posts are whats repetitive. we all tell these guys the same thing anyway, so it only makes sense to already have a premade response to the exact same issue we see on a dialy basis.

lol, I’m with you on that one.

Don’t even bother posting guys. He has 1 post. He probably copied and pasted his message to all game making sites.

And don’t help. He thinks his project is going commercial…while he has a “free” website, and uses hotmail as his business contact.


I really feel like sending 1000 spam emails to his hotmail account…temptingg…

Please Do!!! :smiley:


Join teh Dark Sideeeee :d

I understand what you guys are saying!

If you look on my blog you will see video footage of the game working.

I’m creating this game in my spare time to prove it can be done and as a bit of fun. I just thought I would try to see if anyone was willing to help.

Again I’m sorry for wasting your time and I shall let you get back to your work.

molitone, There’s just a minority here who just seem to take pleasure in wanting to put down new members. Good luck with your game.


I will help you, moltione. Send me a message and I’ll be glad to work on anything you need except scripting… :smiley: lol, I fail at scripting :slight_smile:

isnt it possible to put a blender game on xbox360?

It’s good to hear that its a minority and not the majority :slight_smile:

The models will be exported from blender into a format XNA can use.

I shall send a pm to you micah702

how do you make an indie game for the xbox 360?

You need to know how to code in C#

There are guides on the MS site

C# is a simple language too. Good luck with your game molitone!

These kinds of games take a long time to make, I’ve been working on a game for a few months now, everyday, and plenty of hours everyday, and it is just now starting to look like a game, I must say I’m not the best blender user in the world, but I am fast at learning it. Word of advise, don’t make up all the coding ideas yourself, look at other peoples work and learn from what they have done, if they have done something you don’t understand why, spend some time and figure it out, try removing it and seeing what that does to the game, and figure out why it did that, most of what I have learned for my game I have learned from the Yo Frankie game for blender, very helpful, it may not seem like much of a game, but it uses a lot of abilitys that make it invaluble.
Good Luck.