xbox 360/one - controller (joystick) button/axis sharing layout with eachother?


Atm i am using the logic.joysticks[0] and the brick joystick to navigate with my xbox360 controller.
I have mapped all axis and buttons for my 360 controller, but i am wondering if the layout is being shared with other xbox controllers.

This is the mapping for my abox 360 ontroller:

        left stick:
            left        = gamepad.axisValues[0] < -dead_zone
            right       = gamepad.axisValues[0] > dead_zone
            forwards    = gamepad.axisValues[1] < -dead_zone
            backwards   = gamepad.axisValues[1] > dead_zone
        right stick:
            left        = gamepad.axisValues[2] < -dead_zone
            right       = gamepad.axisValues[2] > dead_zone
            forwards    = gamepad.axisValues[3] < -dead_zone
            backwards   = gamepad.axisValues[3] > dead_zone
        left trigger:
            gamepad.axisValues[4] > dead_zone
        right trigger:
            gamepad.axisValues[5] > dead_zone
            0   = up arrow
            1   = down arrow
            2   = left arrow
            3   = right arrow
            4   = start
            5   = back
            6   = pressing left analog stick
            7   = pressing right analog stick
            8   = left bumper
            9   = right bumper
            10  = A
            11  = B
            12  = X
            13  = Y
            14  = 360 button

I ask this due to not having a real xbox360 controller that is meant for the pc, my controller comes from xbox 360, removed the RF module made it compatible with the pc, so now it functions as my wireless pc controller)

If you know or have any other button layouts for controllers please do share them if you want.

Thank you.

For some unknown reason, I can’t indent paragraphs. So I appologize for the following. Not sure I understand what you’re asking. but. As far as xbox controllers, I bought 2 Rock candy Xbox360 knock offs at wallmart for $20 each. One for me, one for my grandson. There is a driver available on the internet for a PC. (Didn’t work on my Mac) Both Xbox controllers worked without the driver on my Gaming Laptop. Didn’t have to modify anything.

Ok my question : i am wondering if the layout/mapping is being shared with other xbox controllers.

like i managed to program my controller (that is for the xbox 360 and not meant for pc) to work with my pc.
but does the xbox controller that is meant for the pc have the same layout for axis and buttons.

How about left analog click and right analog click ? i need these.

see buttons first post.
used with joystick sensor, button 6 and 7

but i don’t know if it works for every xbox controller so let me know.