xbox 360 stories

Well, today I just got my xbox 360 back from microsoft, after having to ship it in for the red ring of death for the second time. Well, guess what? After plugging it in and setting it up, I start playing Halo 3. 3 minutes in to my first match, it freezes for like a minute. I start it up again, and GOT THE RED RING OF DEATH AFTER TEN MINUTES OF PLAYING IT!!! :mad: (Maybe I can sue microsoft for this)

So, I’ve seen a thread about COD4, so I know some of you blenderheads have 360s. So, I’m asking you, what is the worst thing that ever happen to your console, or to you well playing the console?

My heart-rending story:

I got mine on preorder at launch (was a little late because of the overheating issue; when that was fixed, they started shipping). I have never had one, even minor, technical issue. I guess I’m going out on a limb here, but, maybe it’s because I actually take care of my equipment.

I bought mine pre-launch via eBay, for Xmas a few years ago (dont even ASK how much I love my son). We bought one of those clip on the back monster fans. Got the new cord from MS. It locks up every now and then, but no real issues. Why they did not make the case bigger or with better airflow is a design issue. But I have never even heard of the red ring.So, you’ve moved beyond Ringu, to Ring, and now Ring 2? or Ring 3? And you’re still watching? You’ve got guts, man.

You might want to ditch the fan, man (ha! it rhymes!)

Can’t wait until super smash bros brawl comes out, then I can ditch the 360 and play on my Wii. (which has never had a single problem)