xbox 360 to pc

Ok,say i have a laptop and an xbox 360 and my tv there any way i can route the 360 to the pc?(like make it play on the screen)

Depends on the input connections on your laptop and if you have the right cable to do that job.

Using the standard Xbox 360 cable, the answer would be no.

if your laptop is a multimedia laptop with a video INPUT signal (some do so you can record and edit video on the laptop - high end) then yes. Buy 99% of laptops just have a video OUTPUT for routing a copy of the LCD display output to a projector.

well, i have an s-video and VGA ports but no projecter. can the s-video be served as input and output?

No. Although some laptops with special hardware might be able to. You should just focus on replacing your tv.

You can buy a usb tv card adapter for your laptop and maybe plug the xBox to the video input of that. Still, I recommend you just replace the tv.

While you’re at it, replace the X-BOX 360. Get a Wii.