xbox 360 wireless Left right is on Right stick up down is on Left?

xbox 360 wireless Left right is on Right stick up down is on Left?

how can I fix it?

I can’t seem to detect up down, on the left stick

anyone deal with this before?

bumpity boo

Ok, so I installed a application x360ce (to change input axis), it makes a direct input file, can this be used in the bge?

I tried just having it in blender directory with the exe, but no go.

Yeah I noticed that too. The left stick up and down is left and right or something like that. My Xbox 360 knockoff works in 2.49, but not 2.74, maybe 2.75 will iron it out.

Ok, it’s win 64 giving me issues

Hello, after the update of my cs for 2.74 (windows 8.1 64bits)I come with this in python with the use of a joystick sensors, note that some axis could be inverted like the left right of the right stick :

start = joystick.getButtonStatus(4)
back = joystick.getButtonStatus(5)
stick_Left up down = joystick.axisValues[1]
stick_left left right = joystick.axisValues[0]
stick_right up down = joystick.axisValues[3]
stick_right left right = joystick.axisValues[2]
trigger_left = joystick.axisValues[4]
trigger_right = joystick.axisValues[5]
click_left = joystick.getButtonStatus(6)
click_right = joystick.getButtonStatus(7)
LB = joystick.getButtonStatus(8)
RB = joystick.getButtonStatus(9)
cross_up = joystick.getButtonStatus(0)
cross_down = joystick.getButtonStatus(1)
cross_left = joystick.getButtonStatus(2)
cross_right = joystick.getButtonStatus(3)
button_A = joystick.getButtonStatus(10)
button_B = joystick.getButtonStatus(11)
button_X = joystick.getButtonStatus(12)
button_Y = joystick.getButtonStatus(13)