XBOX console

Finally finished this up.

Total time spent modelling / texturing ~ 30 hrs. Render time ~ 12 hrs.

Comments / Crits appreciated

forgot to mention… Minor post-pro done in Photoshop. And if you want to check out the WIP post, click Here


It looks wonderful! I saw this in the WIP and was impressed at the modelling detail you’d put in, and I have to say the model is completely realistic.

The texturing is very good too, my main criticism there is maybe the amount of spec on the black plastic of the controller seems a tiny bit too high, but since I don’t own one (and you do), you’re probably right.

I have to say I’m rather baffled by the render time, seems extremely excessive, even for a high poly count like this must be. What render settings (yafray/blender? ao?) and computer specification did you render with?

Is it possible for you to repost with less jpeg compression please? It’s not big, so the filesize doesn’t matter that much. Be nice to see such a great image without artefacting.

Looks almost photoreal, the one thing that hit were those buttons, maybe a bit of IOR on them, they just look a little odd.

Here’s a link to the picture w/ less compression if you want to see it.

Excellent image! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Great job on the modeling and materials. They are spot on. I have an XBOX so I know.

IMHO the lighting is the weakest part, but it is still very good. I guess it depends on the image context. The lighting suggests multiple artificial light sources like you would find in an office environment. It seems a little bright for home lighting even at night. If it is a home environment during the day, I suggest setting the primary light source as a sun with additional fill lights as needed.

Add some translucency to the plastics. Even black plastic will have a little sub-surface scattering and light bleed-thru. Once you add the translucency try to fake SSS by putting lamps inside the plastic objects. Soften those shadows up with more lamps or something… it’ll bump up rendertime but it’ll be worth it.

I’ve also gotta agree that this model is spot-on. Good job.

I also saw this in the work in progress, and I’m glad you finished it :slight_smile:

I think all the crits have already been said, so I’m just ganna say how good it is :wink:

Very nice model, good job.


Looks so real…must…play…Xbox…

I have no crits! :o Materials are perfect, everything is just… perfect :-?

looks real, very nice. it’s only that it has two sharp shadows. now that i notticed that it bothers me.

Perfect model and render. What did you use ambient occlusion?

Very nice pic, looks like the real thing, tough i haven’t seen a live one for a while.

excellent work. Must agree with erich though - the lighting is a little ‘flat’. My only ‘real’ question is: why did you spend good time and talent modelling something quite as inane as an X-Box in the first place :wink:

(Y) (Y) … :-? Darn those msn messenger thumb icons aren’t here, well. Good job, I really like it, awesome job, really realistic ooking xbox. I don’t like xbox, but unless it’s something like this. :smiley: Really good render.

:o WOA! Are you REALLY REALLY sure thats not a picture? :smiley: Got meh x-box and Halo 2 right here with me… GREAT WORK! Although I personally would rather play on the x-box then model one… infact i’m going to play it right now! 8)