XBOX controller vibration works BUT

i always managed to get vibration work in blender or upbge but not on mac,
on windows it works simply with the vibration logic brick and no need of any scripts but i had to install all possible driver to get vibration work for the generic controller i had from the joypad settings in windows 10, AND vibration works fine only in the first launch of the game than if in edit mode i run the game again vibration get stranger and more soft.
since i bought an xbox controller for windows vibration doesn’t work anymore in blender and i can’t even find force feedback in controller setting in windows preferences->devices->game periferical setting of the controller

the most strange point is that if i open upbge on Parrallels desktop (virtual machine of windows for mac) vibration works totally fine in new projects, for all the time i run the playmode (but if i open my game project logic loses almost all links / it came out a disaster probably because on virtual machine it’s not so compatible)
on my laptop not even if i create an empty file with only vibration actuator and always sensor, it doesn’t give signs of life

please could someone explain me what’s going on?