Xbox Dev. Kit (XDK)

I’m sure you guys have heard of the dev kit, here is the link to download it:
And OpenXDK is another option. I’m confused, would it be possible to create a game legally without a license if you don’t distribute your Xbox game? I’ve been killing Google but can’t find anything really, or on how you would make it. Would there be an exporter (from 3ds or maya, or from an exe), or would you have to completely reprogram it. It would be neat if you could get a blender game on it. Would require advanced C++ and python work to export it using OpenXDK? If so, it would be awesome if a project was started to do so.
Basically, does anyone have any information on it? This would revolutionize Blendering!
Sorry for my incompetence on programming, I’m a noob at that.