XBOX on eBay. Ridiculous money maker! Holy Crap.

A buddy of mine waited in line for 6 hours to buy 2 XBOX 360 systems.

He said he’ll make money on eBay. “Yeah Right”, was my reaction.

This is unbelievable. He’s selling one on eBay (keeping the other for himself) and people are buying them up to $1000.00

Usually on “Page 1”, for an item on eBay the bids expire within an hour. Then if you go to the following pages, the bids are about 2-3 days left. But the Xbox-360 bid expiration is within 1 hour at “page 13”.

I am curious what kind of money he’ll make.

Even up to $2500 when bundled with games.

What can be said? People are noobs. Especially console zealots :wink:

But you know what, if you bought, say, 10 XBox 360’s, you could now sell 9 of them on eBay for at least $1000. That’s about 3 times more than the retail price (AFAIK $399).

Sounds like what is done with concert-tickets everywhere.
Really unfair, but I guess that’s how things are.

In my area, it is illegal to ReSell tickets to events like that, including football…

…so, we sell cheap paper posters at high prices on eBay. Oh, and throw in a few free tickets to boot, as a bonus, say like for a concert or football game.

A difference would be that a concert is a fixed event. If you want to see it at all, you are limited to seeing it exactly when and where it is held. Therefore people pay the premium so that they have ANY chance of seeing it.

The people shelling out huge sums for a 360 now are just people who have so little impulse control that they can’t wait a month for more units to ship. It’s just a game system … how much of the “experience” is really going to be ruined by waiting a month?

I guess that’s why I’m not a gamer anymore. I never upgraded from my PS1.

But you know what, if you bought, say, 10 XBox 360’s, you could now sell 9 of them on eBay for at least $1000. That’s about 3 times more than the retail price (AFAIK $399).

Don’t you mean sell 10 of them? :wink: I could use the extra 1000 to go towards a Mac. (Yeah, I said it.) I’d like to have a windows box, linux box, and a mac. That would be sweet.

Hell no! I’d keep one fer meself! :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, they wont get away with it so easily since the xbox 360 is freezing every 20 minutes :wink:

Taking bets right now! Who says the XBox360 runs WinMe? :stuck_out_tongue:

My brother’s played our XBOX 360 for hours straight without any problems at all. 8)

Back on topic, though.:wink: My friend sold an XBOX 360 on ebay for $810. (Sure not $1000, but still a nice profit.)


To think that I’ll be buying one of these six years from now when they’re old, unwanted, and dirt cheap.



it is just a cooling thing.

the string fix works well. (raise it off the ground)

it is just a cooling thing.

the string fix works well. (raise it off the ground)[/quote]

That’s still a major flaw in the design. They should have attached rubber thingies (what’s the name…) on the bottom to lift it off the ground slightly. I guess you could liquid cool it if you tried… teh powarr!!!1

Supply and demand.

If you’ve got a supply, and their exists a demand, you can raise the price. If there’s little demand, and a lot of supply, you’re best bet is to sell low.

Basic economics. Nothing about “fairness” here, if people want this thing bad enough, they’ll giddly over-pay for it. I’ll go so far as to say that they don’t want it to play but instead so they can tell all their little homies they have an xbox 360.

Big freakin’ woop if you ask me, but to each his own.

Ha. You think the XBOX 360 is making a lot? You should have seen when the Nintendo DS and Playstation Portable first came out. Ebay was chock full of them, and at ridiculous prices, at that.

bmax, you mean “LRFs”?

Much humour to be had by going into a computer store and asking how many LRFs their top of the range systems have.

If they tell you “1GBLRF, 3.2Ghz, 256MB graphics” you can laugh satisfied in the knowledge they don’t know what they are talking about.

Because LRF = Little Rubber Feet :smiley:

I waited 14 hours on launch day to get mine. I’m thinking about selling it and buying a new one when the supply is up.

I have PDZ and CoD2 and neither freeze or lag, although I don’t play on Live.

Don’t listen to what the people say, it’s an amazing system!

I saddend that people that can’t have anything better to do than buy a overpriced gaming system.

This is so stupid. Gaming used to be uncool, but now it’s just another stupid fad.

EDIT: Nah, I thought about it, and I don’t think gaming is really a fad. It’s just another art form being corupt by business.