Xbox One reviews report at least a 50 percent failure rate; even worse than Windows 8

As if Microsoft didn’t need any more reasons to give the impression that they can barely do anything right anymore.

Last year, we saw a major uproar over the Windows 8 release, now their new console is seeing such a high failure rate you wonder if Microsoft may be on the way to bankruptcy.

As far as I know, this is set to be Microsoft’s second major PR disaster in a little over a year, and for the first time leads to me thinking that Microsoft as a company may be getting closer to the verge of crashing in terms of the value of their stock.

So in essence, it looks like the key motion control technology may actually be the second version of the Playstation Eye, but only if the fact it doesn’t come with that console doesn’t prevent developers from making use of it.

Oh well Microsoft, with Linux Mint getting more and more graphical with each release, it may become time to give Windows the boot too once they implement automatic upgrades (ie. by not having to uninstall the old version and load the new one).

This is so shocking. I was just about to pop out to buy an Xbox one, and then I saw this thread. I guess I will buy something else. May have saved me a few euros to spend on fixing the xbox one in the first place.

Microsoft on the way to bankruptcy?
I don’t want to sound mean, but, good riddance…

Lol Microsoft bankrupt? Yeah, right. Look at the ps4 which has been out for longer time and so they have already had time to help some with their problems and still almost 50% failure rate.

It depends, some people on gaming sites are reporting a very good experience with the Xbox One and the vast majority of issues can be averted completely if Microsoft installs a better disk drive in all of the models in the future.

There has been some reports that the Kinect’s voice control has issues with the lack of vocabulary programmed into it, but Microsoft has been having problems with their own voice control technology since the Vista years and we have never needed it with the initial model we have with the Xbox 360.

Microsoft bankrupt? I’m sorry but that is not happening anytime soon. The majority of people are happy with their Xbox ones so they do not put a review up on amazon. But if they break 90% of people will put a bad review. If you went off of what you said, the PS4 would have almost as bad of a failure rate, and they have had more time than the xbox one for people to out up good reviews. See

Sorry for the second post that says pretty much the same thing. I waited a few hours and didn’t see the first post, so I tried again, sorry new to this site…

I’m starting to think that these Amazon reviews are all fake. I have both of the new systems and they both work perfectly. I work in the games industry so I know at least 100 people that have one or both systems and they all work fine. I have not heard of a single complaint about a machine failing or a bad blu-ray drive. The internets however tell another story. The internets never lies right?

I’m suspicious of any such “review.” It would take a remarkable point-of-view to be able to assert that “fifty percent” of the units sold were “utterly failing.” (And it would imply that MS is incompetent, as they most certainly are not.)

Notions of “bankruptcy” are also a pipe dream: Microsoft’s software very capably runs millions of computers and servers around the world every day, and those corporate license fees aren’t going anywhere soon.

But … I do wonder how long Microsoft will stay in “the consumer-games business,” especially after Steve Ballmer is fully-gone from the bridge. This business strikes me as one that would be relatively unprofitable in the best of times, because it is fundamentally a hardware business whereas Microsoft is (or, I think, should be …) fundamentally a software business. The only piece of hardware that they ought to be directly selling is a (vey good …) optical mouse.

I also hope that they will soon realize that corporate users (and many home users) really don’t want their PCs to look, smell, and taste like a phone. These two environments are totally different. Plus, “gratuitous changes” (especially to software systems) usually aren’t a great idea.

This thread is ridiculously mislabeled.
50% faulty?

There are 1000 5*-reviews and 360 1*-reviews. MS sold far over a million XBO.
So that’d be 0.036% total faulty devices bought at

Funnily enough, a lot of PS4, specifically from Amazon had a bad case of “blue light of death”.
If only I could find the report again.

And reading the reviews properly you’d find out that not the XBO has a 50% failure rate, but the few faulty devices have an issue reading disks, which only works 50% of the time.

I can’t speak yet about the XBox One, but I’ve had two customers on the first two days who have experienced problems with their PS4s. I’ve been on holiday this week so I do wonder how many more there have been during my absence. The first customer was their controller not being recognised during set up, and the second was an issue with the HDMI connector. Neither was a happy bunny with Sony’s customer service either…which apparently was “we’ll get back to you” and apparently the other was “get a Smart-TV”? I find the second one strange as its hard to believe Sony would make a new console that couldn’t work with a bog standard HDMI cable and TV…

I’ve heard many grumblings of hardware issues with the two new consoles, but I usually go by paying customers. In this case it just seems like first wave blues. It really is just luck of the draw.

The only machine I personally would be willing to buy at this time - with confidence - is the Wii-U. It’s specs sensibly competes with Tablets and not PCs and Nintendo are usually quite good with quality. The XBox One and PS4 are still in first wave whilst the Wii-U has had a good year to iron out any issues.

This all aside, where do you work? Anywhere nice? :slight_smile:

If only I can run all my PC games in Linux Mint with equal (or better) performance. :confused:

I bet Nintendo fans are laughing at the PS4 and Xbone failure rates right about now. Of course, the most powerful console means jack squat when you can’t actually use it.