Im making a room, that Im gonna render in Indigo. This xbox is going to be in it too. I know the material isnt correct. It looks to much like metal. oh well, guess its a metal Xbox. Ofcourse, I will also make the controllers, but not now.

Looks great. But can’t you do your own light setup in indigo? Whitout the sunset.

Only if you use mesh emitters. Cool model!

it’s nice, the only thing that really seems off is the “eject” button. doesn’t look like the real thing. good job though.

lol yeah, right now, I notice I forgot to give it a grey colour. Thanks for the comments! Lots of detail is missing from this, but this is enough if you look at how small it will appear in the scene. Anyways, keep an eye out for my room y’all!

This is really nice! No crits. 4 stars

This may not mean much because I’m new to blender (i’m the 2 week old guy that did the Demo vases) but I can tell you that this looks FLAWLESS! 100% on time! Renders like this allow me to realize that I can push myself that much closer to realism in blender! Thanks for the inspiration!

Looks like a great model so far. Yeah, the xbox is a little too reflective, but it still looks good. Only critique is to be patient and let it render longer until the grain isn’t visible. When I’m using Indigo, I usually just start my renders when I go to bed and check’em in the morning.