Xcc 2022 (zw)

Here’s my first entry:

Cube shall not pass!

I used fspy to get the focal length and angle set up.

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I was thinking about it, and your second image reminded me of it again, but I bet you could do a GN setup to highlight and count cubes in a scene… Maybe even plug that into a line art modifier to outline every cube… Just putting that out there, maybe you or one of the other node wizards out there could play with that. ( @AlphaChannel @zeroskilz )

Also, I love that abbreviation. :+1:


That’s exactly what I did! :rofl:

I’ll share the node setup when I get the chance.


:nodevember: never stops

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Here it is. It’ll put an exclamation point instead of a number on every object over the limit.
10Cubecounter.blend (2.9 MB)

You’re free to use it in your projects. Enjoy!

  • Append the nodegroup to your file.
  • Add any mesh and give it a geometry nodes modifier. Select the nodegroup.
  • Move your cubes into a separate collection.
  • In the modifier panel, select the collection with your cubes as well as your camera object.
  • Tweak the size and material to your liking.
  • Either put the counter in a separate view layer and use the compositor, or select “in front” in the viewport display and render the viewport.

The blend file contains an example of a working setup. Good luck!


Still Life

Based on a famous still life by Pablo Picasso. Obviously, it was never intended to be 3d modeled, because the whole point of cubism is that it ignores perspective, but I thought it would be fun to at least capture the silhouette and composition in a 3d scene. It was quite a challenge!


Sliced Cheese


Mr. Fusion Reactor

To celebrate the discovery of true fusion power, I made a mini fusion reactor that resembles the one in the final scene of Back to the Future.

Sorry for the recent lack of updates! I haven’t given up at all, I’ve just been really busy this week. This entry is a bit rushed because I’d like to catch up, but I still put my best effort into it.


Sorry for the late likes I missed some of your entries! I have to revisit peoples combined threads!


Thanks! I caught an ailment last weekend. I’ve recovered since, but it set me back a few days. (in addition to that last minute Christmas gift shopping :wink:) I’ll catch up with a few more entries soon, though I may have to skip a prompt or two.


Snow Man