Am I the only one whose XChat crashes all the time. i have no idea why any suggestions plz?

I have the same problem so I gave up on it. I went to firefox’s new and easy plugins and one of them was I think called chatzilla. Seems to work fine for when I log onto the blender chatroom. This is firefox though so if you don’t have it I’m afraid this is no help.

mine is the same

My best guess is that there is something wrong with your LINUX install. Try it with a Live-CD and see what happens. Live-CD´s aren´t the worst choice on IRC, I guess. Xchat crash never happened to me.

what platform? If it is windows then I would move on to something else :frowning:

I prefer just using Miranda-IM or Gaim.

My XChat works great. Ubuntu 6.06

im on windows but instead of xchat i use chatzilla