Xeno - First Project

Edit: Ackk… this is suppose to be in the WIP section isn’t it? If it is, will a Mod please move it?

Hey everyone, I’m pretty new to Blender (3 weeks), and so this is my first project.

The scene is suppose to be something similar to a Sci-Fi film. Anyway, there’s something wrong with the image/scene but I can’t really tell what “it” is (Well, there are alot, but this is one of those, obvious, in-your-face, things and you just can’t tell what it is until someone tells you.) . So, please critisize, but try and link tutorials if you can. (BTW, I’m 14 so most technical terms are pretty BLEH to me…)

Dude, that’s pretty good for a month’s experience, have you used other 3D programs before? Or some other artistic… thing? Looks like you have a good mind for it.

As for the image, I think it might just be too busy. There is alot of shiny going on there, and it doesn’t really tell a story at all. I’m not even sure if that is an alien sitting on a chair or if it just a bit of mercury flowing over a red thing. Show us some wireframes or some in-blender shots so we can have a look at the actual model a bit more.

It’s good that you seem to have the basic composition of the image down pat, having the focus off to one side, and having some stuff in the foreground to add more detail but not detract from the focus. I can see the void in the reflection behind the red and silver dude though, see if you can find an image and set it to the background so that there is a little more suspension of disbelief there.

Although, can’t complain too much so far, look like you don’t mind sticking to a project, that is a very good skill to have in this game. Keep blending!

wow looks great 4 your first project
especially the things in the foreground look quite good, what kind of material is that ?
maybe u should lessen all the splashy effects in the alien corner, looks like “it” is iced or something